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Well it was the best journey we have ever made. All Mellody Bulldogs are brought up as part of the family, the care put into her babies is second to none, we saw puppies Mum, the puppies Dad, she showed us all the DNA tests, the HUU tests, Kennel Club paper work everything, she told us all about their daily routine, feeding schedule, how to clean his face everything you could think of, it was very refreshing to see a couple so dedicated to the upbringing of their puppies and their dogs.

"We couldn't have found a better breeder.  We are very lucky to have found you  Not only are the puppies absolutely stunning but raised in such a loving environment. Thank you so much for all your help, we will definitely stay in touch.


I can't thank you enough for the new addition to our family. 

We made the decision to look for an British Bulldog and had every intention of taking our time and making sure we found a breeder that was trustworthy knowing how irresponsible people are breeding dogs all over the place these days! Melody Bulls are amazing and I will be recommending them to anyone I come across who is considering a bulldog.


Hello ,

How are you? Bella and I are home =) she has been doing pretty well, very active and always ready to play.
I took her to the vet before we got home, and everyone loved her, she passed the exams.
When we got home, she was so excited to play with Ben they were sniffing each other, but i didn’t want her to get sick so i just put her in the bathroom…. they have been staring at each other for a while, but she just started looking around and started to play with all her toys.
She ate and drank a lot of water before going to bed, she loves it here, she sleeps like an angel. We have named her Mary after my mom.
We took over 40 pictures of her already…. i have attached a few.. i will keep on taking picture of her, and email them to you.
Again, thank you so much for selling her to me, it must have been hard for your family, but we will take really good care of her, and she will get lots of love=)


Hi, I just wanted to send newer photos of Bella, to show you how wrinkled she has become And she is even more beautiful than she looks! She is a wonderful, spoiled girl, and has been the greatest blessing to my family. She has been with us for quite awhile now, and its been so much fun. I love watching her running after the cats and toys. She loves to jump up on the couch. Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful creature, she has brought great joy to our lives. Thanks


Hi , These pics were taken today . He hasn’t been groomed for sometime, but see how awesome he looks! Imagine him washed, He is amazing. This no joke trust me, he is the best dog. He has a good temperament. He is very playful and loves people and other dogs. He is always happy. He comes up to me for lap time. He hops off and goes somewhere to play. Not needy! He is so fast. We have long tennis balls for him and we throw them he fetches them. We have been looking into putting him in obstacle courses. He is fine health wise. I wish I could have 9 more of him.