Melody Bulldogs

About Us

We provide you with the best

My brother and I With my father, we founded our Bulldog kennel in 1994, where first of all we are out for the quality and not for the quantity.
We plan our breeding to produce mainly our next show dogs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to keep all the pups. Therefore we do selective per-screening of potential buyers for the remainder of our pups. This is a hobby and passion.We've been breeding this wonderful breed with great amusement.

We follow with attention the breeding tendencies of the U.K . and USA. We specialize in bloodlines from some of the top English and USA bulldog breeders. During the past years we imported several male bulldogs from the famous kennels worldide - example Ocobo Beholder, Major Minor at Ocobo, Brampton's Double Douglas, Ch. Merriveen Take That, Medbull Next Edition, Merriveen Touch of Luck, Bildaw Will, Tmar Golden Tubs, Titan Xoxhicale

As breeders we know it is our responsibility to maintain the breed to its standards and characteristics to the best of our ability. Health and quality are tantamount to us. All of our breeding are planned well in advance considering both phenotype and genotype. We have more attention for correct length of legs, open nostrils, sound eyes, good temperament and excellent movement.
Our babies are the best companion you would love to have you at home during leisure at the park or travel companion, good
with with kids and other pets. So don't miss out.